Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby, It's Snowy Outside!

Well, Boy did it snow the last few days! We received about 5-6 inches. Being Canadian the Snow does not bother me at all but it is a rare occasion when it does snow down here. People get giddy and have to be out there seeing what it is like to drive in, and of course there is no Bread or Water to be found in any of the Grocery Stores. I did manage to get a few "action shots"...

These are when it was just getting started.

Here is Miles and Meriallen, can you see the Goat? As much as she wanted out there, the Dogs would not let her. In fact Patience, Cocoa & Meriallen sleep with the Dogs and everyone else gets chased out of there.

I went back out later to get some pictures of Marta and I took some extra of the Snow we had.

And of course here is Marta! She is super friendly and if you do not pay enough attention to her...She has ways to MAKE you! Marta is the Twin to Gretl and Lamb of Edelweiss. We will keep naming Edelweiss' off-spring from Characters of the Sound of Music.

Of course the Snow is almost gone and there is a lot of Mud left behind. I am really hoping to get to work on the Sheep and Goats. They need their Hoofs trimmed and I want to treat the Goats for lice. So much to do and no cooperation from the Weather.


Claire said...

Marta is such a sweetie. I just love her face. If I lived closer to you, I'd try to convince you to sell me her offspring. :-)

Which part of Canada did you come from? I was born in Quebec but grew up mostly in Halifax. For the 6 years before I moved here to Iowa, I lived in Guelph, Ontario.

Blue Goose Farms said...

I am from Alberta, Born and Raised. I moved to Alabama for about 5 years and then here for almost 3 now.
I have no idea right off who I will Breed Marta & Gretl with. They could be bred later this year, I might be looking for another Ram.

Claire said...

Ah, a beautiful province. I have a friend in Calgary and another in Edmonton. I always enjoy visiting there. Alberta to Alabama must have been a big change!

Blue Goose Farms said...

Yes it sure was. Sometimes I do not think I will ever adapt. It is a different way of thinking and acting down here.