Friday, January 27, 2012

Lots going on!

We have found an awesome Farm who is in the process of buying our herd of sheep!


Right now they are busting their tails getting the fencing and shelters ready to go! We predict this transfer to take place in March/April. So Alabama, watch out! you are getting a great addition to your fine state!

In other news, we are working with knit1 Oxford and selling a lot of our hand spun yarns. Located in Oxford, MS it is a great store that supports a lot of local fiber artists. SHOP LOCAL! Here are just a few pictures of our wares...100% Angora Goat!


I will post more details soon, but you can see Blue Goose Farms in the Smoky Mountains March 16 & 17 located in Townsend, TN

Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival

I will talk more about this as well as it gets closer...

national goat expo

There will be a lot of seminars on Parasites, Genetics and even an inspection class! This is a great place to meet other Goat farmers and to learn a lot! We plan on being there...especially for that inspection class.