Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have been running around shearing the last few goats (bucks). They are a lot stronger than I remember but if you only wrestle them a few times a year I can see why I chose to forget. I will post some pictures of them soon, we are still trying to coax the last boy (George, no pun intended...yes I did) into the stand and then we are done for another six months WOOHOO!

We are wanting to sell a few of our 2011 kids. I am really happy how they have turned out...so pretty and soft. Here are a few pictures of what we have available...

This is Abbey, she was our first doeling of the year. From an Indian Springs Doe (Alice) and Stoneywoodsfarm Buck (Pi). She is very soft, nice curl and friendly.

This is Paxton (closest to you), He is darker than his twin Piper. Extremely soft and is from Dry Creek Natural Cloud (Doe) and Nook Comet (buck). I love the dark tip in his tail.

These twin boys I call nibbles 1 and nibbles 2. Whenever I go near the pasture they are calling out for attention and love to nibble on your jeans. They are starting to grow out of it but not their names. I Love their curls and coverage. That is something that I have noticed with most of our babies this year. These two are both males.

Here on the left we have Roman. He is a nice Apricot out of Crazy Horns Cami (Doe, seen there) and Nook Comet (Buck). He is going on a month. He is also very soft.

These two boys belong to Dry Creek Arabella and Stoneywoods farm Luther (first place Buck in Texas last year). One of these boys will be for sale but not yet. Also they will be at a higher price than the other boys. They are extremely soft and full of curls.

These final two boys are from Dry Creek Cameo and Nook Comet. A very nice, fine fiber. Please contact us at bluegoosefarms@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these fine Angoras.