Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We are still here!

Well, it has been a busy busy fall both personally and Farm wise. A few weeks ago I made a trek up to Iowa to visit Crosswinds Farm. Corrine was VERY nice to suggest a Breeder for a Ram and also went to pick the Ram up while She was in Wisconsin... I am very touched by Her Generosity. I stayed a few nights near the Quad Cities and MAN there is A LOT of Corn! I forgot my Camera which really sucked but I have an Awesome memento from my visit...and a Ram too!

Here is the Wonderful Rhodes, We got him from Ramsay Farms in Minnesota. I have some lovely Ewes lined up for him.

Let's see, I have been Spinning some Alpaca for a Lady in New York. I am doing different blends and sending some back to her when I have enough to fill a package. I am enjoying this project. Here are some pictures I have...

I also recently sold some of my Spun Wool to a lady in Texas and some Fleece to a lady up North. I am very excited about all of this.

For Fans of my Shetland Lamb Lily, I have taken a few more pictures of how she is changing colors again...