Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saying good bye to sheep...

Blue Goose Farms is in the process of majorly reducing our Sheep Flock. We are selling our sheep for $75.00 per head (except Tundra). I was really hoping we could keep everyone, but as a lot of you did not know I was laid off from my job a while back. We are selling as much as we can to prepare ourselves before things really get tight. A lot of these pictures have been posted on our facebook page, but they are so pretty you need to see them again.

Lily-registered shetland SOLD!

Baby Ruth-Icelandic/Shetland Lincoln cross SOLD!

joleen-registered shetland RESERVED

joleen up close RESERVED

patience-registered shetland RESERVED

RESERVED leise-registered shetland already bred with tundra

almond joy (back)-Icelandic/Shetland/lincoln cross. Sister to Baby Ruth SOLD!

Autumn-registered moorit shetland. daughter of avery RESERVED


How did that goat get in here! He is a registered angora buck $150.00 SOLD

RESERVED Avery-registered shetland already bred with tundra

RESERVED edelweiss-registered shetland. We plan on keeping her unless she goes to an awesome home. She is our oldest ewe. Already bred with Tundra

flock shot RESERVED

ALL RESERVED three bred ewes-Avery, Leise & Edelweiss

Another Angora Buck, registered white- $100.00 AVAILABLE!!!!

Registered apricot Angora buck $150.00 AVAILABLE!!!!

Tundra registered Shetland Ram $400.00 RESERVED

Thanks for looking! Please contact us with any questions. Please note that it is only the Sheep we are selling out of. Our Angora Goat Herd is going strong!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Stuff

As I am typing this some of the bands of Tropical Storm Lee is slowly saturating our pastures. It is very upsetting about the flooding along the gulf, but much needed here. We have just finished shearing our kids and have a lot of mohair available. I may keep one fleece for myself to get more experience spinning kid mohair but the rest will be sold.

Here is picture of our stand and one of our boys...

This is Roman (before)


Next month we will be shearing the Does and the Bucks. Speaking of Bucks...we have decided to part with one of our herd sires. It was a tough decision because he is very gentle and loves animal crackers, but we have a lot of his off-spring here at the farm and it is time for him to go to a new home. We are asking $300.00

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on babies

HOLY HOT!!!!! We have been having some record heat this past has been pretty rough out here and I am sure for others as well. I have been outside everyday spraying the trees down and and shady spots trying to keep everyone as cool as possible. So far we are okay but keeping a close eye on everything. We opened a new pasture around the pond for our ewes and now we rarely see them..just some baas every once in a while when they are trying to find each other. I am so glad we are able to offer them this full pasture and shade at this time. We have other pastures closed off so they can find those when it is time.

All of the animals are doing very well...a few hot spots on the dogs that we are on top of. Nothing to complain about (except for the heat)!

Here are some updated pictures of our babies for sale...





ROMAN    SOLD!!!  I must add that I can not believe how dense his fiber is. He is our youngest little guy. That is is mom next to him (Truckee genetics)


CLICK & CLACK from Cameo and Comet

I must leave you with a picture I took a while back. Every Doe gets their own birthing stall and then we move them into a larger holding area and after that the pasture. I was out feeding one morning, I came around the corner and in the holding area shelter I saw Eloise and Roman taking a nap.... These are the little moments I seize and love...these are the moments that make the losses (at times) worth it.

Now it is once again hoof wrestling...I mean trimming time for our farm. I wish everyone else well and that everyone who needs rain that they get all that they need and those who are getting too much I hope it comes this way and give you a break.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have been running around shearing the last few goats (bucks). They are a lot stronger than I remember but if you only wrestle them a few times a year I can see why I chose to forget. I will post some pictures of them soon, we are still trying to coax the last boy (George, no pun intended...yes I did) into the stand and then we are done for another six months WOOHOO!

We are wanting to sell a few of our 2011 kids. I am really happy how they have turned pretty and soft. Here are a few pictures of what we have available...

This is Abbey, she was our first doeling of the year. From an Indian Springs Doe (Alice) and Stoneywoodsfarm Buck (Pi). She is very soft, nice curl and friendly.

This is Paxton (closest to you), He is darker than his twin Piper. Extremely soft and is from Dry Creek Natural Cloud (Doe) and Nook Comet (buck). I love the dark tip in his tail.

These twin boys I call nibbles 1 and nibbles 2. Whenever I go near the pasture they are calling out for attention and love to nibble on your jeans. They are starting to grow out of it but not their names. I Love their curls and coverage. That is something that I have noticed with most of our babies this year. These two are both males.

Here on the left we have Roman. He is a nice Apricot out of Crazy Horns Cami (Doe, seen there) and Nook Comet (Buck). He is going on a month. He is also very soft.

These two boys belong to Dry Creek Arabella and Stoneywoods farm Luther (first place Buck in Texas last year). One of these boys will be for sale but not yet. Also they will be at a higher price than the other boys. They are extremely soft and full of curls.

These final two boys are from Dry Creek Cameo and Nook Comet. A very nice, fine fiber. Please contact us at if you are interested in any of these fine Angoras.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time sure Flies!

Yes it has been a long time again between blogs. I must say that being back on dial-up sure discourages a person to post. Excuses Excuses I know.

Well, we have survived our kidding this year. We have a lot of babies and most of them are bucklings (eight out of 11) and all are healthy and doing well!

Before that though we had a fun winter of snow and cool weather. I believe I was one of the only few that was cheering it on and asking for more. I know that sheep loved it as well...

A big reason why I wanted to blog today was to post some pictures of scissors and don't want to run with either I promise you. I have been asked a lot lately what I shear with....the answer is Fiskars! These scissors are wonderful for me and the spring back so you do not have to force them apart and blister your hand.

These two goats were sheared a few weeks may not like how they look compared to what a clipper can do but it is an option. I personally enjoy doing it by hand and talking with the goat (occasionally wrestling). I also really like how the scissors fit in my hand compared to hand shears. If you have any questions please ask away I will try to help you out as best as I can. On a side note...While taking this picture I tried to get as close as possible BUT I have a very muddy dog sniffing my butt and trying to jump on me. I have two dogs that test my patience every day by trying to dig out of their pen...sometimes they succeed and today they did...Grrrrr

Happy Shearing!