Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on babies

HOLY HOT!!!!! We have been having some record heat this past has been pretty rough out here and I am sure for others as well. I have been outside everyday spraying the trees down and and shady spots trying to keep everyone as cool as possible. So far we are okay but keeping a close eye on everything. We opened a new pasture around the pond for our ewes and now we rarely see them..just some baas every once in a while when they are trying to find each other. I am so glad we are able to offer them this full pasture and shade at this time. We have other pastures closed off so they can find those when it is time.

All of the animals are doing very well...a few hot spots on the dogs that we are on top of. Nothing to complain about (except for the heat)!

Here are some updated pictures of our babies for sale...





ROMAN    SOLD!!!  I must add that I can not believe how dense his fiber is. He is our youngest little guy. That is is mom next to him (Truckee genetics)


CLICK & CLACK from Cameo and Comet

I must leave you with a picture I took a while back. Every Doe gets their own birthing stall and then we move them into a larger holding area and after that the pasture. I was out feeding one morning, I came around the corner and in the holding area shelter I saw Eloise and Roman taking a nap.... These are the little moments I seize and love...these are the moments that make the losses (at times) worth it.

Now it is once again hoof wrestling...I mean trimming time for our farm. I wish everyone else well and that everyone who needs rain that they get all that they need and those who are getting too much I hope it comes this way and give you a break.

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Mea said...

Beautiful babies, Love the pictures, Thanks for sharing