Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time sure Flies!

Yes it has been a long time again between blogs. I must say that being back on dial-up sure discourages a person to post. Excuses Excuses I know.

Well, we have survived our kidding this year. We have a lot of babies and most of them are bucklings (eight out of 11) and all are healthy and doing well!

Before that though we had a fun winter of snow and cool weather. I believe I was one of the only few that was cheering it on and asking for more. I know that sheep loved it as well...

A big reason why I wanted to blog today was to post some pictures of scissors and don't want to run with either I promise you. I have been asked a lot lately what I shear with....the answer is Fiskars! These scissors are wonderful for me and the spring back so you do not have to force them apart and blister your hand.

These two goats were sheared a few weeks may not like how they look compared to what a clipper can do but it is an option. I personally enjoy doing it by hand and talking with the goat (occasionally wrestling). I also really like how the scissors fit in my hand compared to hand shears. If you have any questions please ask away I will try to help you out as best as I can. On a side note...While taking this picture I tried to get as close as possible BUT I have a very muddy dog sniffing my butt and trying to jump on me. I have two dogs that test my patience every day by trying to dig out of their pen...sometimes they succeed and today they did...Grrrrr

Happy Shearing!