Saturday, July 14, 2012

My visit to the Choctaw Indian Fair.

I wanted to to share with everyone what I did today... Our Farms is currently in slow transition from Northern Mississippi to the Meridian, MS area. While I am here at my new job I have am starting to look around and see what is happening in the area. Today I visited the Choctaw Indian Reservation for the 63rd annual Indian Festival must say that it was a great privilege to be invited to share and learn some the traditions and get a glimpse into Choctaw culture and heritage.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I will share all I have. I thought it was very neat to park my car and be bused in to the main gates, what a great crowd/car control that is. I arrived around 10:30am so the midway was not in full swing just yet. As soon as I got off that bus I headed straight towards the local craft area and looked at everything. So many talented individuals! The weather was not perfect, but I loved seeing and feeling the rain after we have been without sooo long, so I had to tent jump a little there but all worth it.

This was on the floor of the craft area, you can see it on every building on the reservation. There were a few tents with vendors that I checked out too. I can't post what I bought yet because most of it is for my stepdaughter who will see it next week (yup, she is first haha). I did notice that in the local craft area there was either basketry or beading. Inside, the displays had a lot of ribbons on many items (like at a state fair) I must say there was a lot of crochet!

As soon as I finished up there I headed straight toward the dancing area. WHAT A TREAT!!!! there were dances every day and all day long. I wish I could have stayed the entire duration of the fair watching! I have a few clips which I will tell you now they are not long. I intended it that way so you can get just a taste of what I saw and come visit for yourself. Also these were taken on my phone, so they are not the cleanest images.

I do not remember the name of this group, but they were neat to watch. Here they are slowly adding audience members until they get bigger and bigger, the circle never closes. I actually was able to get in there and shuffle around and laugh along with everyone. I wish I knew more about the dances so I could explain it for you as well. Here they are again with their last dance before the next group.

On the dance schedule it said Hoop Dancer...I have not seen hoop dancing at all and wasn't sure what to expect, WOW is the word I walked away with. These two men just started setting up and getting everything ready. I again apologize for not knowing names. The man on the drum and flutes was amazing with the audience and explained the meanings behind the dances and other explanations of his Hopi culture. A great musician as well... The first clip is the Eagle dance...I swear to you all I saw an Eagle in front of me! It was amazing!

After the Eagle dance was the Horse dance which the dancer and his brother created...just amazing. Now onto a clip of the hoop know when someone makes something look really KNOW they must have been doing it for a loooong time. He has been hoop dancing since 1990 and has won many championships...yup VERY good dancer! He danced with 10 hoops today.


Those are all the clips I have. After the dancing I headed over to the main stage where Clint Black was to preform tonight. I headed there because that is where the main heartbeat is...the main drum!

I did not push my way through people to get a better picture, At the time they were paying tribute to the Veterans in the audience. I want to mention here that in the display area there was a huge booth where people were helping Veterans with their paperwork and giving them information on benefits etc... VERY awesome to see!

After that I went into the Choctaw Museum (very cool) Here is the country music marker outside of the museum...

 I went to the storytelling area. I missed some of the stories, but there was a man (doctor) talking about Choctaw History around the 1600's. This man definitely knew his stuff! He went on about education, touched on archaeology etc.., I wish I would have been there sooner to have caught the whole session. From there my stomach reminded me that all I had this morning was a bowl of instead of having a meal on a stick...

I opted for a local Chotow burger served in fry bread...yummm!

After all of that I headed back to the buses and headed back to my home away from home. I am really looking forward to our farm moving closer to me and I am looking forward to the 64th annual Choctaw Indian Fair!


Angora Acres said...

I feel like I was there with you now. Thanks for all the pictures and videos. It looks like you had a great time.

Chantelle Dubois Nishiyama said...

Looked like an amazing day! Glad that you're checking out your new home with such gusto.

I can't believe you never saw hoop dancing back home.