Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 BABIES!!!!!!!

They are here! Our 2012 babies have started! We never thought they would get here, running out to the barn every few hours. Listening to the baby monitor wondering if that is a getting comfortable grunt or a labor pain. We have a few does that are huge and naturally we thought they would be the first ones to kid...NOPE the little skinny doe cloud was the first to show us what she was hiding. Both of these are boys, The Buck was Comet and the Doe was Cloud.

From Sunday on we have had babies every day. The second Doe was Cami she gave us a 7.14 pound boy.

From there it was Arabella's turn to show off our only girl we have had so far... She is very cute and so tiny! This little girl likes to lay on her side so when we come into the stall area of the barn my husband and I naturally almost have heart attacks! I am sure she does this on purpose to make the other kids laugh, we will see. I hope she looses that habit very soon.

After Arabella was Winter's turn. She was bred to Pi and this was our first look at what he can produce. Why yes, these are boys too.

We have two first time moms in the flock Carmella and Screach, well Carmella beat Screach to the chase and gave us these nice looking boys

Here are a some pictures of the three remaining does, but as I am uploading all of this I received a phone call saying that Cameo & Pi also gave us two boys.

Here is Cameo a few hours ago



That is the main excitement on the farm right now. We have been incubating some eggs and have hatched out over 70 buff chicks. You will have to keep an eye on this blog for some pictures of those babies. I can't spoil you all at once.

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