Friday, October 1, 2010

Sheep for Sale

We are starting to sell off most of our sheep so if you see anything you like please contact us. I can also take more pictures and send fiber samples if needed. We will be adding more so keep checking back.

Here is Marta and her first ewe lamb (registered ewe, lamb can be registered)

This is Gretl (Marta's sister,registered)

This is Avery's little Ram born 2010 (can be registered)

Here is Avery's other lamb (ewe, can be registered)

Patience's ewe lamb they both produce a lot of fiber (can be registered).

Cocoa's twin ewes (can be registered)

Baby Ruth and her ewe lamb (Shetland, Lincoln and Icelandic cross)

Almond Joy's ewe (cross breed)

Two wethers both are Shetland, Lincoln and Icelandic crosses. They are from Almond Joy and Baby Ruth.

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