Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hanging Out

We are getting ready here to start our Second Annual Breeding Season here at Blue Goose Farms. We have Slate and Rhodes ready to go and come next Weekend they will be with their respective Ewes. All of our Sheep have been checked over and all are healthy and doing well. There will be one last look over before the Boys are put into then Pens and then they will be in Heaven for a while.

Other than all of that it has been busy around here. Vance has been slowly painting the House when he can and it is looking great! I am madly working on Christmas gifts and helping out with a Wedding. I have been making some Party Favors for the Guests....

Also, I am doing a few decorative things and am making a Shawl for the Bride to be. It is made out of 100% Llama that was Sheared from Roxywood Farms in Eads, Tennessee. Rebecca raises and shows some very fine Llamas, The Fiber is just amazing!


Michelle said...

That shawl is just beautiful!!!

corinne said...

OMG that shawl is AMAZING!