Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here we go again... On Monday our Ewe Avery had two Girls. They are doing well and mouthy as ever!

There is only one Set-back... Avery has rejected both of her little lambs. Vance and I are doing what we can to make sure that everyone is comfortable and staying healthy. We are VERY fortunate to have a wonderful neighbour down the road who has a lot of experience with Goats and she came over right away. The lambs did get a few feedings and had a lot of the all important Colostrum! Also it is nice to have friends that raise Shetlands and can talk a girl down (Thank you Corrine)! For being so new at this I tell you we are having one heck of a learning curve here, but I would do it all over again. There has been talk about selling Avery and letting her move on but I am still wanting to hang onto her for another season since we would be more prepared for this...it is up in the air right now and a hard decision to make...for me. We still have four more Ewes to lamb so keep checking on us here.

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corinne said...

Anytime :).I am glad that they are doing well....I am STILL WAITING for my lambies.