Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saying good bye to sheep...

Blue Goose Farms is in the process of majorly reducing our Sheep Flock. We are selling our sheep for $75.00 per head (except Tundra). I was really hoping we could keep everyone, but as a lot of you did not know I was laid off from my job a while back. We are selling as much as we can to prepare ourselves before things really get tight. A lot of these pictures have been posted on our facebook page, but they are so pretty you need to see them again.

Lily-registered shetland SOLD!

Baby Ruth-Icelandic/Shetland Lincoln cross SOLD!

joleen-registered shetland RESERVED

joleen up close RESERVED

patience-registered shetland RESERVED

RESERVED leise-registered shetland already bred with tundra

almond joy (back)-Icelandic/Shetland/lincoln cross. Sister to Baby Ruth SOLD!

Autumn-registered moorit shetland. daughter of avery RESERVED


How did that goat get in here! He is a registered angora buck $150.00 SOLD

RESERVED Avery-registered shetland already bred with tundra

RESERVED edelweiss-registered shetland. We plan on keeping her unless she goes to an awesome home. She is our oldest ewe. Already bred with Tundra

flock shot RESERVED

ALL RESERVED three bred ewes-Avery, Leise & Edelweiss

Another Angora Buck, registered white- $100.00 AVAILABLE!!!!

Registered apricot Angora buck $150.00 AVAILABLE!!!!

Tundra registered Shetland Ram $400.00 RESERVED

Thanks for looking! Please contact us with any questions. Please note that it is only the Sheep we are selling out of. Our Angora Goat Herd is going strong!