Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well the end of the Year is close, I personally am hoping for a better time in 2010. I am considering adding a few more Ewes to the Flock and perhaps a few more Angoras as well but not too many. Sunday we added a new Ram, his name is Charles. Check him out...

For Thanksgiving we travelled to my In laws and had a great time like always. The Food was AMAZING! as well as the Company. I REALLY REALLY love all of my Extended Family. There was an Egret that ate most of Hoss' Fish in his Pond but he bought some more and has put in a Heron Decoy. I hope that works and doesn't attract too many Herons for the Breeding Season...that would be funny though.

We were hoping to get some of the Satsumas off of the Tree but the Raccoons beat us to them and all they left were the Peels...Grrr Hopefully next year there will be a better harvest.

Speaking of a better Harvest...Check these Bananas out! My Niece and Nephew bought a new place and these were in the Backyard. Just open the back door and Lop off whatever you need. I really liked that, It was the first time I had seen a Banana Tree in Bloom.